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From M.O.

Like many individuals, I was skeptical of MHB. However, I had my free consultation and decided to give it a try!
Being able to meet with my coach 1x a week, as well as having the availability to text her throughout the week was huge!  Courtney helped me rediscover working out in a healthy way, keeping track of my meals and daily activity and holding me accountable! 

If you are someone who needs a little guidance on how you should be eating, workout/exercise, and or the little bit of changing the way you think to a cleaner, healthier mindset DON’T HESITATE to call MHB!!!

Since starting to work with MHB, I have  lost 25#, and gained so much muscle and self confidence!  I’m so grateful for MHB and their coaches. 

From M.M.

 My behaviors around my health and well-being have changed for the better thanks to Amy. I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. I knew what I should be doing for my health, I just wasn't doing it. At almost 50 years old, I was getting very concerned, as my weight was increasing, and my activity level was decreasing. I was putting other's needs before my own, and was constantly feeling guilty about what I was putting in my mouth and being so sedentary. Then I discovered Amy's website. During every session, Amy helped me to turn my thoughts into actions/behaviors. I now eat healthy food with intention, I pair exercise with something pleasurable, and make it non-negotiable. I realized that yoga and barre are exercises I actually enjoy doing. I plan my meals in advance. I choose savory over sweet. I eat with intention. It feels really good to make my health a priority. Amy has truly taught me how to align my behaviors with my goals. She has also gently encouraged me to put myself first. I am the only one who can change my behavior and make myself important in this journey to continued better health!